Emulator Nintendo 3DS

Download file for free here: OR OR

– Download File.
– Unpack .exe
– Install emu (key in the middle).
– Open Emu.exe (ONLY from the installation folder)
– Load the game from the folder and have fun 😉

!!!!!! In case of problems write me a message !!!!!!

Nintendo 3DS specification:
Dual ARM processors with more processing power than that of the Sony PSPgo.
Open Source custom firmware compatible with 3DS rom downloads over WiFi and 3G.
Backward compatible with Nintendo DS / DS Lite and DSi / DSiXL games
Built-in dual cameras, and motion sensor / acceometer like the one in iPhone
High-end nVidia Tegra Video Card for portable devices
3DS Emulator + NDS & Nintendo 3DS Emulation .



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